Danish School In Dubai
Kinden Handicap

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In “Kinden Hanicap” study is in Danish language. Our students study Danish language in first years and ttaking exams. Then They have test and improving their knowladge


Kinden Handicap teachers are from Dania, they are professionals and have big study experience


Our school is very good located. Jumeirah way 3, with free parking and buses

Our school buses will service all children from home to school and from school to home every day.

Our Buses are very compfortable and safe. We have professional drivers and conductives in our Danish school in Dubai

Danish school in Dubai

Kinden Handicap is first Danish private kindergarten school in Dubai. School founded in 2014 and it’s very popular all over the UAE. We have 320 students now and it increases year by year. Our students are from Dania, Dubai, and UAE. Danish private school in Dubai offers high-quality education and experience for your children.


We are a member of Dubai School Associations and Danish COS Associations.

Expert Groups

Our expert group of psychology and professional teachers will help your children to be happy and productive in our school


We have football and basketball teams. Our students have a chance to participate in school championships.

Board & Committees

committee of “Children from Dania” & “Children from Dubai”


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Our Team

Ginger Poli

Psychology Doctor

Pearle Lupo

Philosophy Doctor

Madeleine Wright

Social  Worker

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