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Cowrywise Digitizes Cash Management for Tech Companies, Startups, SMBs, Nonprofits, and Enterprises

Cowrywise, a fintech company that specializes in helping Nigerians create wealth by making savings and investment options accessible, has launched a new product that aims to serve businesses. The company made the announcement on social media on June 2, 2022.

Sprout is an enterprise cash management tool for businesses, leveraging technology and asset management solutions. The goal Cowrywise is trying to achieve with Sprout is comparable to their accomplishments with retail investors since the company launched in 2018, which is to help tech companies and other businesses build wealth by generating new sources of income through investment.

A major challenge that many businesses face is where and how to maximize their idle cash, seed funding and capital, with the primary considerations being security of funds and ease of liquidity. In Nigeria, companies generally choose to hold cash for easy access or invest directly with fund managers at the expense of autonomy or save with traditional banks that offer meager returns set by the institution.

However, with Sprout by Cowrywise, businesses can leverage the power of technology to identify, make and manage investments in secure, low-risk, easy-to-liquidate assets and unlock an additional revenue stream through a variety of management options. ‘investment.

Before Sprout by Cowrywise:

Investing for companies has not always been transparent. The traditional processes available in the market today are manual, bureaucratic and unnecessarily rigid, and for businesses that thrive on transparent cash flow and ease of access, these options are not only unsuitable; they can be restrictive for business growth and optimal revenue generation.

Sprout’s technology-driven approach makes it a better alternative to the outdated traditional cash management process available today.

With Sprout from Cowrywise:

Challenges related to access to various investment options, transparency, quick liquidation and security have been resolved. Businesses can now invest their idle cash on their own terms and choose rates that match their investment goals from one easy-to-use platform.


A central dashboard

Sprout allows companies to invest and monitor their investments on a single dashboard. It is very easy to navigate and even easier to create an account. No queues. No long forms. Get started in five minutes or less.

Access to various investments

By emphasizing Security, Liquidity and Yield (SLY)Sprout by Cowrywise enables companies to invest in safe, liquid and higher yielding investment products (money market funds and indices), deliberately and carefully selected by the best fund managers in the country to avoid jeopardizing the your business cash flow.


Business owners want a say in where their money is invested. With other traditional ways of investing, this can be hard to dictate. You will most likely need a financial expert and an investment manager to understand your trades. Sprout has filled this gap for business owners, finance managers, and decision makers. When you invest on Sprout, you can track your investments on the dashboard and see how your money is working for you. You have a view of your investment balance, percentage return and access to real-time reports.

Easy clearance

Companies sometimes need cash quickly to meet their financial commitments. Rather than requiring businesses to go through slow and rigorous processes to liquidate their investments, Sprout by Cowrywise enables business owners to cash out their investments within two business days. The process is transparent and 100% digital.


For business owners and decision makers, security and access to low-risk investments are very important. Cowrywise is committed to securing investor funds and other private details. Having been licensed by the SEC in Nigeria as a fund/portfolio manager, your investments are secured with the highest possible security standards. Cowrywise is also PCI DSS compliant so your bank details are secured by bank-grade security infrastructure.

Start investing your idle money with Sprout now.

Since the launch of Sprout, several companies have joined the platform to make the most of their idle money. Your business can also start today. No need for long queues and endless forms. Simply create your account here, upload the required business documents while Cowrywise verifies your documents. Once your business is verified, you can start investing in several investment options.

Visit to get started on Sprout by Cowrywise.

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