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Employee Profit Sharing Plan Announced for All Energy Solar Staff

New Program to Strengthen Employee Retention and Drive Hiring Growth

SAINT PAUL, Minn., July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — All solar energyleader in solar installation in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and several other states, have announced plans to roll out a company-wide discretionary profit-sharing program for every employee. The initiative allows workers to participate more actively and reap the rewards of the company’s profitability. This program will help retain employees as well as attract green energy talent in a changing job market.

This new social benefit that shares the success of All Energy Solar has been a goal for the founders of this local company since its creation. Today, substantial growth and a tight labor market have spurred action to maintain and gain momentum at a time when solar energy is as popular and important as it has ever been.

“What it takes to find and keep good workers has changed. We listened to what our employees have to say about why they love working at All Energy Solar, but we also asked them what could be improved “, said Michael Allen, co-founder and CEO of All Energy Solar. “At All Energy Solar, we are passionate about creating a cleaner, greener world, but also about creating a corporate culture that feels committed to sharing its success.”

This program will impact every employee in the company and will evolve as profitability increases. A target of approximately 10% of the company’s annual profits will be invested in the employee profit-sharing pool to be distributed to workers. The first year of this contribution to the fund will count for 2022, with the first installments dispersed in 2023.

“It’s an exciting time for solar and we see it in the demand from those who want to make the switch. We don’t want to turn them away just because they don’t have enough people to consult, design, install – all the vital roles that make solar power possible,” said Brian Allen, co-founder and president of All Energy Solar. “Clean energy jobs like the ones we provide play a critical role beyond our business and local economy, we are at the forefront of improving energy independence and tackling against climate change, one project at a time.”

Founded in 2009, All Energy Solar has grown significantly over the past decade since its inception by two brothers born in Minnesota. Earlier this year, the company said it had completed its 6,000th solar panel installation project and hiring of its 200th employee.

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