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Trucking company worried about rising fuel prices

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Truckers are feeling pain at the pump, with some considering keeping their business open due to rising prices.

AAA reports that the average diesel price in Arkansas is $5.29 per gallon.

The way the prices are going up, carrying tons of food or items to stores doesn’t bring them much profit.

Owners of Bray Trucking, which opened in 2013, said they weren’t worried, but concerns are growing.

“We’re feeling a real pinch right now,” owner Doug Bray said.

Just six months ago, Doug and Sondra Bray said that an average fill for one of their trailers, if it was just under half full, was around $200 or $300. Now that price has doubled.

“I spend $200 just on fuel for my refrigerated trailer, plus another $800 to fill up the truck,” Doug said.

The couple said if they filled the tank empty, they were looking at a $1,200 bill.

They said they both saw high fuel prices throughout the year, but in some states diesel prices hit $6 a gallon.

“Someone asked me ‘Are you worried?’ I said ‘No, I’m not worried yet. I don’t have the answers I want,” Doug said.

The couple added that the prices companies pay them to take a load are coming down.

“There is a load here in Jonesboro that I can pick up. I used to get $4,000 on that charge,” Doug said. “The same load I looked at today was $1,000 cheaper.”

A small profit at the end of the day makes it difficult to keep trucks on the road.

One of the trucks that Bray Trucking loads is a refrigerated trailer. This trailer contains cheese, milk and meat. Highly demanded products.

“Without my being able to operate this trailer, your meat. You will not eat,” he said.

Doug added that while the price of fuel is a pain, the cost of fixing his truck is also going up.

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